On March 20, 2012, the day of Pat Riley‘s 67th birthday, we honor him by launching this blog named after his famous quote, “There’s winning, and then there’s misery”. This site will be devoted to making over the image of the Miami sports fan, along with producing thought provoking articles that make you look beyond the box score.

The contributions to this blog won’t be from professional writers or journalists, but it will be from diehard sports fans from different parts of the country sharing their views on topics spanning the sports blogosphere. Our goal is to help educate the average sports fan and get them to look past the media-driven storylines, resulting in a more objective view of the sports they love to watch. Don’t worry though, it won’t all be thought-provoking. Expect a healthy amount of youtube videos and sports-related memes for some much needed comic relief (Am I right, Dolphins fans?).

Here’s hoping this blog doesn’t suck and all of you don’t hate it!