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My name is Alex Musibay. I was born and raised in Miami. Naturally, I grew up a die hard Miami sports fan. The Heat, Marlins, Dolphins, and Canes run through my blood (figuratively). Like most sports fans, I have had my ups and downs. Best Memories? 1997 & 2003 World Series Florida Marlins. 1999 & 2001 Miami Hurricanes National Championship.  2006 NBA Miami Heat Championship . And yes, “The Decision”, The Welcome Party (Hate all you want! It ranks just behind losing my virginity as  the greatest day of my life!), and the Summer of 2010. Yet, you notice there’s one team missing from that list and I don’t mean the Florida Panthers (I’ll save those stories for another post). I’m talking about the Miami Dolphins. When it comes to the Dolphins, it has always been downs. 21 years old and not a single decent memory. I have never gone into a season saying “This is the year.” Unfortunately every year feels worse and worse. Its gotten to the point that I don’t even use the Dolphins as my franchise team in Madden anymore! Now I could list every sad moment the Dolphins have given me (SO MANY) but I want to save some ammo for later posts. For now I just wanted to introduce myself and tell you what to expect from me on this site. Expect my opinion on everything related to Miami Sports, how much I hate Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross, how much I love D. Wade and LeBron James, how much I like to look at the Miami Heat Dancers, and hopefully some humor to bring it all together. I am very excited to join Winning and Misery. It is my all-time favorite Pat Riley quote and now my all-time favorite sports blog!

Dueces. (Tribute to Omar Kelly)

Twitter: @ANM90