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After Joel shared with me this magical video of Chris Bosh doing more Boshy things following a playoff victory against the New York Knicks, I tasked myself with finding all these hidden moments locked away in the far reaches of the internet of Bosh being the weird weird dude that he is. Luckily, it turns out he’s way weirder than I thought and there’s an arsenal of clips and videos on the internet where Boshy is showing his general Boshiness.

As you can see here, Chris has a different way to call for the ball in the post. Personally, I think this is a brilliant strategy for the typical “throw your hand up” can get rather obvious. I’ve watched enough Jordan clips to know that when a man (man?) sticks his tongue out on a basketball court, he’s mentally prepared to dunk the basketball. Unfortunately for Boshy, Tyson Chandler was not about ready to have some weirdo put him on a poster. Kudos to you, Tyson.

Here LeBron is being casually interviewed by Mr. Jackson post-game and everything look normal until our favorite velociraptor made an impromptu entrance into the shot. Boshiness levels hit critical mass as he begins to do his best Michael Jackson impersonation, moonwalking his way out of the shot.

Finally, my favorite clip of Bosh. This one isn’t so much about him acting weird or slightly gay like most haters tend to focus on, but this video shows me that fiery, slightly-crazy side that he doesn’t bring out too often. Towards the end of the clip the rewind the actions that got Bosh a technical foul. Honestly, I’m surprised the amount of spit that came out his mouth didn’t warrant a flagrant, because it was definitely excessive. Udonis would’ve been proud though, he turned that mouthpiece into a projectile without even using his hands.

Ultimately, I’m a fan of Chris Bosh (when he’s not playing soft) and I think he gets treated a bit unfairly. The one thing that’s important to see is that he always seems comfortable being himself. Whether that’s awkwardly interrupting a teammate’s interview, or letting his emotions fly on the basketball court, Mr. Bosh is a rare creature in the NBA. He’s comfortable enough with himself that he acts the way he pleases, and doesn’t try to embrace the thuggish persona that many NBA players try to embody. NEWSFLASH: You’re all millionaires.