Kel Mitchell loves orange soda. I love Fantasy Football; so much so that I put it above many things in life. Things such as, but not limited to: sleep, eating, showers, school, work aaah school work, yeah that’s what I meant. Point is, there are a lot of things more important in life to most people that I think are below Fantasy Football. Why is this you ask? Well it combines two of my favorite things in life: Games and the NFL. 

Yes, I do know what Madden is, but Fantasy Football brings a more real, intellectual aspect to it that Madden just doesn’t have (plus I pwn the computer and online competition). Madden in fact was my gateway into learning the ins and outs of how football worked, but Fantasy Football is what got me really into loving in the sport. An interactive game among other NFL followers who used cunning strategies and thorough analysis to determine the best possible combination of football athletes to win an online championship, sometimes including money (see how grown I made that sound).

Both of these guys won me championships

The best part is that at its core, Fantasy Football is nothing more than a game. Didn’t want to analyze anything? Fine, pick whoever the heck you want. So what if in 2005 Randy Moss was one of the best WRs to get? For some reason I loved TJ Housyamama so I picked him instead (won that league btw). Did I know who Marques Colston was coming out of college in 2006? No, but the Saints’ jerseys looked cool to me so I picked him (won that league too). Point is, in Fantasy Football you can do whatever you want. Anyone, regardless of NFL knowledge level can join, and ANYONE can have fun doing it.

Over the next 5 months I’ll be all over Twitter, Facebook and if time permits, this blog, dishing out random tidbits about Fantasy Football. Between who I love, who I hate, who I’m playing against any given week, and how great or crappy my team is going, everyone I know and love will get sick of reading or hearing me talk about Fantasy Football, and I’m okay with that. Why? Because I’m having fun. Like I said, anyone who likes games or the NFL can get into this, it’s easy. There are free leagues on ESPN (my fav), NFL.com, and Yahoo, or if you want to test your skills, throw down a few bucks and go into a prize league.

Possibly the greatest team I’ve ever assembled

I love games. I love getting out of the harsh reality of life and sitting back and enjoying the fantasy of another. I love sports. I love watching athletes who perform spectacular maneuvers day-to-day that I wish I could. You put a sport I love into a game where I can pick my favorite athletes from my favorite sport and track their results in a way that I can benefit, either just for bragging rights or actual monetary rewards, and hell yeah I’m going to be obsessed with it.

Maybe my obsession with Fantasy Football isn’t “irrational”. Maybe my explanation here brings some rationality to why I sit in front of a computer for hours, 3 weeks before my scheduled auction draft, creating a Word document listing the players from each position I have an eye on getting, and then converting that data into an Excel in which I add the projected max amount of money I’d spend on them. Maybe my obsession with Fantasy Football is rational (if a rational obsession isn’t a contradiction in itself), or maybe I’m obsessed with it cause I’m fuckin’ crazy, which has a story of its own that you probably have less interest in reading than the one you just read.

PS: Do I think I’m a hotshot at Fantasy Football? I’ve participated in ESPN and Yahoo leagues since 2005. I’ve finished top 5 in 10 out of 14 leagues. I’ve only won 5 times (2005, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011) but I love this game, and for shit talking purposes I do think I’m a hotshot..