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In preparation for the 2016 Olympics, Durant shot this one from Rio.

In case you’ve been in a bomb shelter since Y2K, Kevin Durant is the love child of Reggie Miller and an ICBM. KD drops a bomb from at least 30 feet away right in the grill of poor Hernan Jasen (???), who now has a better understanding of why he does not play in the NBA following Team USA’s 127-96 destruction of a very formidable Argentinian squad.  I realized that I should take it upon myself share some of these ridiculous sequences because NBC sure as hell doesn’t want you to see what’s happening in London. Seriously though, I understand they’re just fishing for higher ratings, but we live in the age of Twitter. EVERYTHING IS BEING RUINED YOU FOOLS…. Much like you’ve ruined your Primetime lineups (Another sitcom attempt with Matthew Perry… really?… really.)