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The fact that Juan Carlos Navarro didn’t puke instantaneously is mind-blowing.

This has been quite the Olympics already. We’ve had possibly the worst dive in the history of failure, a Nigerian runner giving up and cheering the rest of the field on (resulting in his removal from Olympic competition), and now one of the most vicious, malicious cock punches I’ve ever witnessed, let alone during an athletic competition.  The rage monster with a fist full of testicular retribution is Nicolas Batum, the starting small forward for the Portland Trail Blazers and apparently enforcer for Team France. The average sports fan probably has little to no idea who Mr. Batum was before this considering he’s been an ok player playing on a mediocre team. (It’s amazing because he just earned himself a $46 million contract…) ANYWHOOOO, now Nicolas will be known for one of the dirtiest plays we’ve seen in basketball since Rick Mahorn and the 80’s Pistons were knocking people’s teeth in. I’m mean just look at the MALICE on his face as he’s going in for the kill. This reminds me of that scene from Fight Club, except Batum is playing Ed Norton and Navarro’s man purse is playing the beautiful blonde boy that had to be destroyed. Oh, the Humanity.

Best Part: Adrian Wojnarowski asked Batum after the game why he attacked Juan Carlos’ gooch with such ferocity, he replied,”I wanted to give him a good reason to flop.” Taking another dig at the Spanish who are notorious for their flopping antics. I appreciate your big brass balls, Mr. Batum.