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Rick James ain’t got nothin on James Harden

Man, there’s so much going on in this picture that it gives Giraldo Rivera’s mustache a run for its money. Here is James “Gold Chainzz” Harden having himself a damn good time at some white party where apparently he was the only male invited. Must be nice. This photo comes directly from the twitter feed of @LollieCakez aka “Lollie” who, from taking  a quick stroll down her twitter page, frequently enjoys taking pictures of her ass, the asses of her friends, as well as taking a bite out of her g-strings every now and then and posting it all over the internet. These are the kind of people that gravitate to gold medal winning athletes that ball out with no need for a shirt. Be jealous, Anglo middle-class America. Which, by the way, I thought only Crocodile Dundee could pull off a leopard print cowboy hat. Boy, was I wrong. How many of these women do you think Mr. Harden took home with him? Do you think they make jokes about the perma-innuendo that is his last name? Does his beard tickle women to no end? One thing is for sure, this picture raises more questions than it answers.