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Of course the first time ESPN uses my thoughts it’s me supporting the Celtics…

Source: ESPN (Eastern Conference Forecast)

Shout out to Alex Musibay (@ANM90) for finding this and giving me the heads up. Figures the one time I read through one of their columns a little too fast I miss my own published work (?) on display. Of course, the one time I get recognized I’m talking positively about one of my team’s biggest rivals, if not the biggest. Are you trying to tell me something, God? It sure feels that way. I’m still not listening though. The whole reason I felt the need to tweet that was because I was SHOCKED by the amount of people in outrage because the Celtics were predicted to finish second. The East is REALLY BAD. To me the Celtics are the clear cut second-best team in the conference (barring injuries). Might have to devote an entire post to the revamped Celts to justify my feelings. Stay tuned.